If you recently were involved in a serious auto accident, you may be dealing with extensive damage to your vehicle, severe physical injuries, and various additional losses stemming from those two direct effects of the wreck. In short, you may have a ton on your plate at the moment, so it is understandable to think that adding a civil lawsuit to that pile would be an unmanageable hassle.

In reality, though, filing suit against the person responsible for your damages could be key to preserving both your physical and financial wellbeing—and if you seek help from a personal injury attorney, you could pursue fair compensation without overburdening yourself. Once retained, a dedicated Zebulon car accident lawyer could take the lead in collecting evidence of fault, documenting your compensable damages, and seeking a positive resolution on your behalf in or out of court.

Proving Someone Else at Fault for a Car Crash

In order to hold someone else financially liable for any kind of personal injury, the party seeking a civil remedy—the “plaintiff”—generally must prove that the “defendant” they are filing suit against engaged in some form of negligent behavior. In the context of civil law, negligence has a specific four-part definition, and all four of the following elements must be present for someone to be considered negligent:

  • The defendant had an explicit or implicit responsibility to act in a certain way so they would not cause harm to other people
  • The defendant failed to meet that responsibility by virtue of some reckless, careless, or intentional action or inaction
  • An accident occurred as a direct result of the defendant’s actions
  • The accident in question was the direct cause of the damages for which the plaintiff is seeking compensation

Since everyone who drives a motor vehicle in Georgia is expected to follow traffic laws and pay attention to their surroundings while driving, the first element of legal negligence is never in question during a car accident claim. However, proving that a defendant did something reckless or illegal and proving a causal relationship between that action and a plaintiff’s injuries can often be complicated, so working with a Zebulon car accident attorney is usually a good idea.

Car Insurance Requirements for Zebulon Residents

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches to car accident litigation that the laws of various states enforce. In “no-fault” states, car crash victims must exhaust their own car insurance coverage before filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company or pursuing a third-party lawsuit. However, Georgia is a “fault” state, meaning that people injured in auto accidents can immediately seek restitution from the party to blame for the incident if they wish to do so.

That being said, negotiating with insurance companies for a fair settlement offer is never a straightforward process, especially if a claimant tries to do so without help from a seasoned car wreck lawyer in Zebulon. Furthermore, although state law requires vehicle owners to carry at least $25,000 of insurance coverage for injuries to a single person, $50,000 of coverage for total injuries in one wreck, and $25,000 of coverage for property damage, serious accidents often lead to damages that greatly exceed the coverage limits of minimum-standard policies, meaning that third-party litigation may be the only way to seek comprehensive recovery.

Speak to a Zebulon Car Accident Attorney About Legal Options

Car accidents may be the most common justification for personal injury lawsuits, but that does not mean these types of cases are easy to handle alone. Proving fault and seeking financial recovery for every recoverable damage you suffered can be both immensely complicated endeavors, and if you try to fight your case without professional guidance, you will likely have a tough time getting a good result in either regard.

If you want to maximize your case’s chances of success, you should contact a Zebulon car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Schedule your first consultation by calling today.